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24th-Oct-2006 04:08 am - Shit Week
I've had this paper that makes up for 20% of my grade due for the last 2 months and I've found the perfect time to start it, 11 o'clock the night before it's due. I can't pull my skip class and finish in the morning move because i've got a presentation to do at 850 tomorrow morning. I've been working on this god forsaken paper for about 3 hours and all I have is a shitty thesis and a header. Could be a long night.

Tomorrow's gonna suck my white ass. after my presentation I'll be scrambling to my this paper somewhat respectable, in between 2 lectures and another discussion. Then I got conned into doing this fuckin Bucky event tomorrow right before Bucky practice, which is designed to make me tired as fuck. We'll probably finish around 9 giving me just enough time to spend all night writing another god damn paper.

Then after hopefully turning in a completed paper, I'll get to spend most of the day studying for an exam the next day. Fuck yeah this is going to be fucking awesome. I'll probably end up goin as a 30 year old son of a bitch for Haloween because all this stress is making me more bald than a baby's ass.
9th-Oct-2006 05:37 pm - Homecoming Week
this week the gopuck yourselfers are coming to Madison for the big homecoming game. All this means is I've got tons of mascot shit to do and am really stressed out. The school work is piling up, I know if I just spent a day or two in the library I could be caught up but I'm going fuckin CRAZY!
24th-Aug-2006 01:46 am(no subject)
My throat feels like some spider crawled in my mouth during the night and layed eggs and now they're all hatching and systematically eating away at my flesh from the inside out. This is like nothing i've ever experienced I probably have throat cancer. Goodbye cruel world
12th-May-2006 10:14 am - Yes I know the mustard man.
School as they say is out for the summer. Just finished my last final and my essay's went allright I'll probably get an AB or A which will defiently be my best grade this semester. I got a 48/200 on my calc final or a 24%. My solid B became a big fat solid D, my first since psychology at North Henny. It turns out reviewing for a couple hours right before the exam wasn't exactly sufficient. My chem exam also was pretty lame and there is a possiblity my C slipped its way into the D range aswell. Kindof a big wakeup call that at i'm not going to suceed at this university unless I actually put in an effort to study for exams and make it to lecture. My 3.2 gpa is probably gonna be around a 2.6 and I really don't give a fuck. Communications never looked so good.

Somehow I have been the designated server for the Madison Club's wine tasting club. Its a bunch of 25 or so wealthy people that have about 20 bottles of wine on tap for their drinking pleasure, usually leavin one for your boy to either discreetly chug or sneak home. They get together and do a bunch of different things and last night they had a mustard tasting with Barry Levenson the biggest mustard enthusiast in the world. He told a story of a late night(probably stoned) venture down the condiment aisle when he heard a voice coming from the mustards bellowing "If you collect us they will come" This dude went on for 2.5 hours about mustard. He had all these rich old coots singin the fight song to PouponU the mustard university. To me this guy was fuckin hilarious he now operates the Mount Horeb mustard museum. For more info check out www.MustardMuseum.com

Found this hot chick to sublet the place I even wrote up a contract and had her signature notarized on it. Saved myself 750$ over the summer, Fuck yeah. Back to champlin on Monday, who's ready to drink some beers?
On Friday night I attempted to start studying with norwegian and math finals looming on Sunday. There were a few early morning review sessions offered on Saturday morning so after accomplishing nothing I decided to watch some TV and drift off to sleep at like 1 to wake well rested and ready to learn.

Unfortunately as I was just nodding off Bucky Tim called me and told me to get my ass up to bar, how could I turn that down? After drinking numerous toasts with my ineberated bucky captain and learning all of the dirt and drama that accompanies being a Bucky the bar had closed. I could have gone home and still been ready for the morning but who could turn some after bar beer pong?

When we were walking to dudes apartment I met this cute chick that claims to be Dr. Phil's neice. She could have just trying to get into my pants but who knows. I got her number so this could be my key to marrying Oprah dave chapelle style. I'm rich Bitch!

Well after a few games of beirut I was feelin pretty good and hungry and luckily managed to steal a bunch of some dudes spicy chicken he ordered from some chinease place. I got home around 5 after a good night, but lets just say there was no way my ass was gettin to my 8am review. I wake up and turn on the TV and to my dismay a Rocky marathon was on. Needless to say I wasted my day watching rocky montage his way to the title of best boxer in the world, single handidly defeating communism along the way.

In conclusion my Calc final was 5 times harder than the midterms and I probably went from a B to a C. I blame it on the spicy chicken.

I might sublet my place to 2 gay dudes that checked it out today. One of them reminded me of hot Karlan so there possibly could be some serious gay swingin going on here this summer.
5th-May-2006 12:16 am(no subject)
Well I didn't go to my Bucky event tonight even though I am feeling much better, I already had someone covering for me and thought it would be wise to give myself just a little bit more recooperation time. Instead I spent the night cleaning my apartment for my prospective sub-letter thats coming to check out the place tomorrow and i have to say it looks pretty good.

Now that my apartment is clean I realize how much I like this place and want to stay in Madison this summer. It's true that I would have barely any money but i'm going to have to take out a large loan next fall to cover my living expenses regardless. I'm just torn between my love for the Twins and Madtown. If I was 21 I would definetly stay here because all of my friends that will be living here this summer are of age or have access to fake id's.

If I do sublet through the apartment agency I need to pay the rest of my rent up front and that really isn't a possiblity. I might have to borrow some money from my parents and pay them back this summer or try to draw up my own contract with this chick, all I know is if I don't get back my safety deposit i'm gonna stab someone. I just wish I win 50 g's and a new car with my spin id from the wheel watchers club. Life would be so much easier with just a little bit of money.
2nd-May-2006 03:26 pm - dangnabit
Why did I choose the worst possible time of the year to get sick? I don't think it's the mumps but i've got a sore ass throat and my sinus's are killing me. I can't sleep worth a shit because i'm couching up lung butter all night. I think it might have been this hookah I smoked on Friday with some shady dude that rap battled after he sold me a bottle of NightTrain a 17 proof wine. Or maybe it was the random keg cups I kept finding on the ground and drinking out of at Mifflin, whatever it was I'm now sick and when I should be in the library all I want to do is drink hot tea and lay on my couch.

I have the option of taking one of my finals tomorrow in the last lecture time but due to my illness I think i'm going to wait until the 12th to take it. I've got to work Tommorow night and with bucky events thursday, friday and saturday nights so I don't know when i'm gonna find time to study for my 2 exam's sunday morning. Oh doubledam!! Fucking cold I hope it's not fucking strepp son of a bitch.

My pakistani sub-letters backed out on me so now i've got this chick comin to check the place out on Friday and have to clean up this shit-hole with lager's shitty vacuum that doesnt take a charge, and all i want to do is sleep. I'm just wondering if I should expect a bj for lowering the price or not.
22nd-Apr-2006 11:29 pm(no subject)
With a ton of shit to do on Friday I decided the only reasonable thing to do was to go to FAC and get incredibly wasted, and my plan worked like a charm. Somehow i managed to get a hot chick's number, secure a summer job(courtesy of Navarro), find someone to sublet my apartment(2 pakistani dudes named Meech and M.R.?), drunkenly practice the Bucky mannerisms in the suit, and contribute to kicking cancer's ass at Relay. And when i say contribute i mean showing up to find my team had left to get wasted and proceeding to pass out on some gym mats by the side of the track. Woke up at 630 and went home to pass out before working with the Torske Klubben at work at 9. Those horny Norwegians were grabbin all my female coworkers asses which i thought was hilarious, and my hungover norsk was a big hit.

Now i'm off to play in a kick ball tournament with my Norwegian class. I'm trying to channel my 7th grade self that could do no wrong on the kickball field.
21st-Apr-2006 10:01 pm(no subject)
20 days left until i'm finished with academia for the 05-06 school year, and my procrastination levels have reached an alltime high. I feel like I'm ripping myself off and wasting my tuition money by failing to attend my 8:50 once this week. My studies of Norwegian have official came to an end. I tried to sign up for second year, but alas it was only offered at 850 am 4 days a week, and judging by my less than stellar early class attendance this semester that wouldn't exactly be a good fit.

This week was pretty busy, I had 2 exams intertwined with tryouts to become bucky badger. I got my second straight 69 on my chemistry exam and now have myself in line for a solid C, I fucked up my Norwegian and my possiblity of an A is definetly slipping. However my hard work paid off in tryouts and I am one of three new recruits inline to don the costume of Buckingham U. Badger. I don't really know what to expect, I've only seen Bucky perform 3 times and those were all football games. All the Bucky's seem pretty cool so i'm sure i'll have a good time. I just hope Willy hasn't been exaggerating the prestige and excitment of mascoting. I'm really excited and feel good becoming a part of the UW athletic community. I'm still trying to find out all the extra benefits Bucky's recieve, I don't think we get paid at all so right now I'm thinking that next year i'm going to be alot buisier and have alot less money (if thats even possible). I think the main thing is we get free tickets for any game we want to allow our family/friends to come watch us perform so thats sweet. I'm going to be the only Bucky from minnesota next year, so I feel like I kinda have to prove myself to all these guys. One 'em called me last night and seemed really dissapointed that I was trying to do my homework and takin it easy on a Thursday night, I just don't know if I'm cool enough to be bucky. I'm really nervous that i'm not going to know something about backup middle linebacker on the '94 rosebowl team and get the boot. All these new responsibilites have added alot of anxiety on my shoulders and I've had trouble sleeping lately.

Today is going to be busy as fuck. Tonight is Madison's relay for life and I was scheduled to work because I failed to request it off. Plus i'm supposed to meet with all the Bucky's at one of thier apartments. So i got some girl to cover my shift if I would take her shift next Wednesday, but it turns out I was already scheduled next Wednesday so i'm gonna need to find someone to fill in for her. Now I have to decide if I blow off the buckys or ditch out on relay for life, which i commited to like 3 months ago, or somehow try to do both. Relay goes from like 5 this afternoon until 8 fuckin am, which will give me an hour to get myself to my 9am shift at work. I have too much shit on my plate and don't really know how to deal with it all, I need summer to show up soon so I can go home and just take a break from everything. Next year i think i'm going to need a private secretary if i'm going to balance Bucky with working a couple nights a week, or do i just take out a fat loan and not work at all and hope i get enough to eat and pay rent?

I want someone to sublease my apartment but don't want some random fucker because I think i'd come back to find the place trashed and all my possesions stolen. I hope I make it through this weekend alive and not in a mental institution.
13th-Apr-2006 09:53 pm(no subject)
A warm night before a thunderstorm is really something. The atmosphere seems electrified with the anticipation of the coming flood of precipitation. The sky displays a natural light show of lightning flashes and bolts jumping from cloud to cloud. As I make my way home from work, unbuttoning my shirt due to heat as I walk, I can feel the intesity in the air. As I walk through the neighborhoods of West Washington I witness many fellow college students enjoying the warmth that has finally arrived. I pass multiple barbecues as the smell of brats and burgers finds its way into my nostrils. Summer has come to Madison I think as I saunter on while around me the warm comforting breeze blows by, subtely warning those that head off to the bars that at any moment the clouds will crack, and the heavens will pour down and soak us all.

The Twins remain undefeated in the Hubert H Humphrey Metrodome this season completing a sweep of the Oakland Athletics today winning 8-2. Kyle Loshe, the twins 4th starter, picked up the win allowing just 2 runs in six innings. Loshe's exit paved the way for Fransico Liriano out of the bullpen who I feel could be the best pitcher on the Twins staff, including cy-young award winner Johan Santana. The 23 year old lefty came in for the eight and struck out the side on 12 pitches. With a nasty 97 mph fastball, a changeup remiscent of the deadly strike out pitch utilized by Santana, and one of the best sliders since Randy Johnson, one word can be used to describe the stout lefthander. Filthy. Though this is Liriano's first extensive work at the big league level he made the A's look the like the gay's, painting the corners with his heater and leaving the hitters dumbfounded as he lobs in an 88 mph changeup. I personally can't wait to see this guy in a starters role while the rest of the league has to be fearing the day that Twins rotation is anchored by Santana and Liriano.
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